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      Gamblin’ Fan’s Glossary Part 2

      Hey gang, we’re back with another set of gambling slang to share with you.

      Parimutuel Betting

      Parimutuel betting on horses at sportsbookThis term is just fun to say. With origins in French, Pari Mutuel loosely translates to “mutual betting.” Probably won’t see that on the SAT, kids, so feel free to forget it.

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      Gamblin’ Fan’s Glossary

      Eavesdropping on veteran bettors can be confusing if you’re new to the scene. There is a special vernacular associated with sports betting, poker, and table games. We’re going to cover some of our favorite terms and sayings each week and share them with you! Got a favorite word or saying you’d like to add to the list? Hit the comments and let us know.


      First and goal on the 50 yard lineVigorish is just fancy talk that means the same thing as “the juice.” What’s “the juice” you ask? Read More

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