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      Best Mexican Restaurant Las Vegas

      Mercadito @ Red Rock Taco Eating Contest Feb 1st

      If you’ve got the stomach for it, Mercadito is hosting a Taco Challenge on February 1st.  We had a chance to reach out to Louis Ference, manager at Mercadito for more details.

      Q. What time does it start, or is a “come in and declare your entry” type of event?
      A. You can do the contest anytime.

      Q. What kind of tacos are served?
      A. All tacos except the lobster tacos and our “Tacos For Strength” which is our monthly special taco.
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      Mexican Restaurants in Las Vegas at Station Casinos


      Finding great Mexican Restaurants in Las Vegas presents some unique challenges to both tourists and locals alike. As a foodie, the rewards of finding a great new restaurant transcend the mere consumption of food. Researching a new location, taking in the atmosphere, sampling a signature drink (or two!), and best of all, letting your friends in on your new-found joy; these elements all contribute to the thrill. The resulting “gestalt of awesome” justifies the entire undertaking.

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