Nashville Unplugged at Club Madrid

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside the heads of famous country song writers, Nashville Unplugged delivers. Get behind the music with this interactive live country music show. Nashville Unplugged brings a new twist to live performances in Las Vegas by introducing audiences to the song writers behind the music live on stage.

“Already the cream of the creative crop have been guests of the Nashville Unplugged experience.  Writers like Paul Overstreet, Bob Dipiero, Chris Wallin, Allen Shamblin, Dennis Matkosky, Keith Anderson, Tim Nichols, Harley Allen, Danny Myrick, and this year’s BMI songwriter of the year, Bobby Pinson.  Because music lovers want to see a sneak peek behind the song-writing curtain, Nashville Unplugged has sold out numerous shows…”

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Yard House Happy Hour in Las Vegas

Yard House is hands down my favorite place to meet for happy hour after work with my colleagues. When I moved into the area a few years ago, they had already designated the Yard House as their favorite happy hour spot, so I tagged along. I can still remember my first adventure to Yard House. Armed with the name and Google maps, I ended up about 30 minutes away from the designated rendezvous. (For those of you new to Las Vegas, there’s a few Yard House locations here in town.)

We’ve done every type of meetup at Yard House: one on one, a group of friends, our entire department, and company wide functions. An enjoyable experience every time.

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Mexican Restaurants in Las Vegas at Station Casinos


Finding great Mexican Restaurants in Las Vegas presents some unique challenges to both tourists and locals alike. As a foodie, the rewards of finding a great new restaurant transcend the mere consumption of food. Researching a new location, taking in the atmosphere, sampling a signature drink (or two!), and best of all, letting your friends in on your new-found joy; these elements all contribute to the thrill. The resulting “gestalt of awesome” justifies the entire undertaking.

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