Q&A with VP Patrick S. Higgins: Live Events Return to Red Rock with Biz Bash at Connect Las Vegas

Events are coming back to Vegas, and there is no better way to kick them off than at Red Rock Casino.

BizBash is a three-day hybrid experience for event and meeting professionals—produced in partnership with parent company Connect—which includes in-person and virtual education sessions designed to help move the event industry forward.

We sat down with Connect Vice President Patrick S. Higgins on the excitement in the events industry and what makes Red Rock a desirable destination for groups.

What makes Las Vegas such a desirable destination for your event?  How does Las Vegas stack up to other destinations for conventions?

The meetings & events industry plays an important role in communities throughout the United States but we know how vital meetings are to Las Vegas.  What better place for us to hold our first live event of 2021 than in Las Vegas!? 

We’re ready to kickstart human-to-human events and we know that Vegas is too.  

What stood out to you about Red Rock when deciding locations for Connect in 2021?  

You know, it’s become a cliche but partnerships and relationships really do matter – especially coming out of the pandemic.  Trusted partners are worth their weight in gold! 

Our attendees are still talking about the last Connect event that was held at Red Rock and we knew from the very beginning that our staff and attendees were going to be in great hands. 

Do you have a favorite aspect of Red Rock?

For me, I love the location of Red Rock!  It’s convenient, close to the airport, and the setting is conducive to what we want to try and accomplish with Connect Las Vegas which is connecting and reconnecting Planners with Suppliers.  

What are you hoping that guests get out of attending Connect 2021 in Las Vegas?

We look at Connect 2021 in Las Vegas as an important step in getting our industry jump-started as we come out of 2020. 

We want our attendees to be reminded of what makes our industry so amazing!  We’re bringing the right people together with the right people and we want to remind all of our attendees just how good it feels to get business done in the fun, innovative, and productive environment that Connect is known for. 

Lets get back to business!

 Question:  How did you come up with the idea to have the luncheon at Aviators Ballpark?  

We’re fortunate to have several Connect team members call Las Vegas home. 

The idea came up early in our planning calls and when we realized how close the ballpark was to the Red Rock it becomes a no-brainer.  The ballpark is absolutely stunning and will provide our attendees with a fun experience and an opportunity to get some fresh air and sunshine. 

Will you be partaking in the on-field batting practice that you’ve set up?

What, and miss my opportunity to hit some dingers over the fence?  No way!  I’ll be first in line.


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