STN Sports Introduces “Park and Bet”

STN Sports, the local favorite sports betting app, is making it easy for folks driving in from SoCal to pull over, park and safely place a wager from their mobile device immediately after crossing state line.

You spoke, we listened! We’re making it the easiest place to wager once in Nevada. Tired of crossing the Stateline and going to the outlet mall? Rather park, and bet on the latest horse races or games? Wait no more, from the people who brought you the best mobile sports betting app in the state – STN Sports introduces Park and Bet.



We offer a large parking lot with big spots for when you need to whip in and hit that moneyline. Spotty service? No problem, we’ve set up a kiosk in the middle of the desert for you to hit the spread, the over-under or even pray for that parlay. You’ll be betting in no time with the most convenient race and sports betting location east of the Stateline.*



*And while we wish “no time” were real this time – this is just a funny April Fool’s Joke. We will tell you what is not a joke: signing up for the STN Sports App. Download and activate today and receive up to $500 cash back on your first bet.


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