Green Valley Ranch Casino Unveils “Green Valley Ranch” Dressing

After months of rumors and speculation, Station Casinos and Green Valley Ranch are proud to officially announce “Green Valley Ranch” Dressing.
The creamy salad topping and dipping favorite will be available for purchase starting in May in the Green Valley Ranch Gift Shop as well as the Lucky Penny storefront.
“We regularly distribute surveys to our guests to ensure  we are giving them exactly what they want,” said Kim Johnson, chief food marketing officer at station casinos. “ A ranch dressing from Green Valley Ranch is consistently at the top of their list.“
Station Casinos states the importance of keeping things local when sourcing their new ranch product.
“It was extremely important to stick to our roots when developing the product,” said Executive Salad Chef Jeffrey Richards. “All ingredients for the dressing are from Las Vegas and the extended area.”
Station Casino Boarding Pass members will be pleased to learn that, in celebration of this milestone, a special gift day in May will feature Green Valley Ranch T-shirts featuring the soon-to-be-iconic bottle.
Please don’t stay tuned for more information as this is an April Fools joke. If you wish this were real, share it with your friends so we can fool them too.
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