$203,516 Awarded To Guests As Station Casinos “Bad Beat” Poker Progressive Hits At Red Rock Casino

The Station Casinos Jumbo Hold ‘Em Poker “Bad Beat” Progressive hit at Red Rock Casino Thursday night at approximately 7:20 p.m. The total payout to players was $203,516.

The losing hand was quad 9’s and the winning hand was quad Jacks. The winning hand won $40,694 and the losing hand won $71,214. All 8 players at the table won $1,272 each, while all poker guests across Station Casinos poker rooms playing at the time won $522 each, including all the players at the winning table.

The Station Casinos Jumbo Hold ‘Em Poker “Bad Beat” Progressive starts at $75,000 and grows daily. The qualifying hand starts at four queens beaten, with the qualifying hand lowering regularly. The “loser” with the qualifying hand wins 35% of the jackpot while the winning qualifying hand wins 20%. The remaining players at the table at the time of the hit split 5% of the jackpot while all other active players across Station Casinos poker rooms at the time split the remaining 40%.

Over $800,000 has been awarded through the “Station Casinos Jumbo Hold ‘Em Poker Bad Beat” since re-opening in August. After the Jumbo Bad Beat was hit, Station Casinos contributed an additional $100,000 to the Jackpot, starting it at a total of $175,000, Quad 5’s beaten.

Both players asked to remain anonymous.

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