Vegas Sports Fans Celebrate New Offerings With STN Sports

It’s a great time to be a sports fan in Vegas. Between football wrapping up, college basketball approaching their tournament, the Golden Knights getting into gear, and everything in between, there’s a lot for sports fans to watch and get excited about.

Station Casinos also has a lot for guests to be excited about. New kiosks, new campaigns, new podcasts, and a new, best-ever bonus offer are just a few things they’ve rolled out recently for sports fans.

1. The Big Game: Hundreds of Ways to Bet The Game

It’s the day where we all come together and watch football, whether you’re a fan or not. Kansas City takes on Tampa Bay this Sunday and Station Casinos has hundreds of way to get in on the action.

The most impressive? At the sports books and on the STN Sports App are over 300 (yes, 300!) prop bets.

You can bet on the game, specific players, specific plays to happen, and even certain “cross-sport” props stacking up the game to other sporting events (for example, Lebron James points scored on Saturday vs Patrick Mahomes total completions on Sunday).

Download the STN Sports App and sign up today to get in. And speaking of the app…

2. The Best STN Sports App Offer Ever: Up To $500 Bonus

It’s our biggest offer ever. For a limited time, new sign ups for the STN Sports betting app can receive up to 10% of their initial deposit back as a bonus.

The potential bonus amount is 10% of the initial deposit. So that means if your initial deposit is $5,000, you will receive a $500 bonus.

See rules and details at the bottom of this post. 

3. New STN Sports Betting Kiosks At Sportsbooks

Brand new STN Sports betting kiosks have been installed at all Station Casinos properties. Guests can place bets on properties without having to go to the counter and wait in lines. Simply visit the kiosk and receive your betting ticket after placing your bets.


We’d love your feedback if you’ve tried our new kiosks. Let us know on Twitter or Instagram.

4. New Videos and Campaign

A new campaign has launched starring Instagram comedian and influencer @MattCutshall.

The campaign kicked off on February 1, and we’d love if you let us know what you think.

Keep an eye out for new hilarious comedy spots on Twitter and Instagram.

5. Book Ends Sports Podcast

Join Station Casinos Sports Book Directors Chuck Esposito and Jason McCormick weekly, as they discuss the world of sports and sports betting.

In addition to news, trends, and analysis, Chuck and Jason give listeners a unique perspective from behind the sportsbook and talk about what they’re seeing from their side of the counter in Las Vegas.

You can subscribe to Book Ends on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.







1. A new STN Sports Mobile account must be established between February 1, 2021 and March 31, 2021 at any Station Casinos sports book.
2. The potential bonus amount will be 10% of the initial deposit, up to a maximum of a $500 bonus for a $5,000 initial deposit based on the amount wagered on account within thirty (30) days of establishing the account.
3. Bonus is only eligible for new accounts only.
4. The full 10% bonus will be added to the Boarding Pass within seventy – two (72) hours of the account wagers reaching their initial deposit total.
5. The partial 10% bonus will be added to the STN Sports account within seventy – two (72) hours following the thirty (30) day eligibility period for account wagers not reaching their initial deposit total.
Examples: Full 10% Bonus
• Initial Deposit $50, wager $50 on account, earn $5 bonus.
• Initial Deposit $500, wager $500 on account, earn $50 bonus.
• Initial Deposit $5,000, wager $5,000 on account, earn $500 bonus.
Examples: Partial 10% Bonus
• Initial Deposit $50, wager $40 on account, earn $4 bonus.
• Initial Deposit $500, wager $400 on account, earn $40 bonus.
• Initial Deposit $5,000, wager $4000 on account, earn $400 bonus.

6. Must be twenty-one 21 years of age or older and a member of the Boarding Pass program to be eligible. Persons without a Boarding Pass can sign up for a free card at the Rewards Center.
7. Bonus is only valid for wagers placed on STN Sports Mobile.
8. By participating in this promotion, account holders give their permission to Station Casinos LLC and any of its affiliated companies (and their designees) to use their names, likeness, etc. for promotional purposes with additional notice or compensation.
9. Account holders are responsible for payment of any and all taxes, licenses, registrations and other fees, as applicable.
10. Station Casinos LLC reserves the right to change, cancel or modify the terms of the promotion, at any time, at management’s sole discretion.
11. Management will resolve any dispute or situation not covered by these official rules and that decision shall be final and binding on all account holders.

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