$244,588 Jumbo Hold’em Poker Progressive Hits at Santa Fe Station Poker Room

Station Casinos poker players won a very nice gift to set their holiday season off on the right foot.

Guest Anthony won $85,596 and guest Darius won $48,912 as the losing and winning hands in the Station Casinos Jumbo Hold’em Poker Progressive at Santa Fe Station on December 21, 2020.

The Jumbo Hold Em Poker Progressive starts at $125,000 and grows daily. For it to hit, a play must have quad queens or better beaten.

The $244,588 progressive was shared between Boulder, Red Rock, and Santa Fe, so it wasn’t just Anthony and Darius who walked away with a payday. The payout is broken out as such:

  • The player who holds the losing hand receives 35% of the jackpot ($85,596)
  • The player who holds the winning hand receives 20% of the jackpot ($48,912)
  • The other players at the table at the time of the hand receive 5% of the jackpot ($1,529 each)
  • The other active players across the open Station Casinos poker rooms share 40% of the jackpot ($648 each)

 Santa Fe Station’s Poker Room would like to assure guests not to worry – the progressive is coming back starting at $150,000 and it only takes quad 7’s or higher beaten to win!

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