Skincare Tips to Combat the Effects of Wearing a Mask

Have you changed your skincare regimen since you started wearing face masks? Our spa experts from the Green Valley Ranch and Red Rock Spa say that skincare changes need to be made to care for your skin. Here are their three tips:

GVR Spa SkinCare
GVR Spa SkinCare
GVR Spa SkinCare


Avoid any skin challenges by maintaining a clean and healthy foundation. A gentle cleanser like our guest favorite Lancer’s The Method Cleanse helps calm and remove impurities.


Wearing a mask on a daily can leave skin clogged. Avoid this with a super-gentle exfoliant like Lancer’s The Method Polish. Apply once a week to keep build-up at bay.


Experiencing dryness and irritation from wearing your mask so often? Lancer’s The Method Nourish comes to the rescue. This super anti-inflammatory powerhouse acts as a barrier between the skin and mask.

The Red Rock and Green Valley Ranch Spa have trained skin care professionals that can help you understand all your skincare needs. For more spa tips check out our other blog posts.

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