Red Rock’s Bake Shop Debuts Stunning Gingerbread House Displays

Red Rock Replica 

The Bake Shop at Red Rock Casino team unveiled a nearly five-foot-tall by nine feet long gingerbread replica of the resort prominently displayed in the middle of the casino floor. With over 500 hours of labor and ten talented bake shop and carpentry team members putting the masterpiece together, the “Gingerbread Hotel” features all the details of the resort – just made of edible sweets. 

Location: Just in between the Grand Café and T-Bones on the casino floor.

Gingerbread Hotel

Fun Facts: 

  • 160 pounds of chocolate
  • 50 pounds of Sugar
  • 40 pounds Rock Candy
  • 2 pounds Edible Copper Paint
  • 60 pounds Fondant
  • 30 pounds Butter Cream frosting
  • 40 pounds Rice Crispy Treats
  • 80 pounds of Modeling Chocolate
  • 5 pounds Cocoa Nibs
  • 5 pounds Praline nibs
  • Over 500 hours of time spent

Delightful Dollhouse:

Be sure to check out the life-size gingerbread dollhouse inside Merry Crimson, complete with miniature furniture, livestock in the grass, and light-up features.  The attention to detail abounds on this stunning masterpiece. 

Location: Inside Merry Crimson (21+)

Fun Facts: 

  • 50 lbs of gingerbread
  • 15 lbs royal icing
  • 9 lbs of rice crispy treats
  • 3 lbs coconut flakes
  • 3 lbs isomalt
  • 8 lbs of fondant
  • 20 lbs sugar
  • 10 lbs modeling chocolate
  • 150 hours spent working on it by our team
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