How To Fill Your Glass with a Burst of Joy this Season: The Hot Cocoa Bomb

Enjoy the season’s hottest trend with our Hot Cocoa Bombs; a beautifully decorated chocolate sphere filled with hot cocoa and mini marshmallows that emerge when melted with hot milk creating an explosion of flavor in your mug.

hot cocoa bomb


  1. Heat up 8 0z of milk, just before boiling.
  2. Place Cocoa Bomb in a coffee mug and slowly pour milk until the sphere begins to melt
  3. Once complete, slowly stir the contents until dissolved.

For the Adult version:

  • Add 2 oz. of Captain Morgan Gingerbread Rum in the glass before adding the cocoa bomb and hot milk

Lastly, share that beautifully satisfying video on social and tag us on Instagram @redrockbakeshop.

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