PlayON Debit Card Machines at Green Valley Ranch

PlayON Debit Card Machines

What if I’m at a table game at Green Valley Ranch and I need to leave my game to go get cash, you ask?

To this, we say: Sit. Stay.

New PlayOn PIN Debit card machines can save you a trip to the ATM. Just swipe your card, enter your PIN, take your receipt and “play on” with your new stack of chips. You can find our PlayOn Debit machines at all of our table games.

ETG Roulette

Electronic Table Games

Do you love table games like Black Jack, Baccarat, Craps, and Roulette? We suggest you give our electronic table games a shot. With the safety and entertainment of our guests in mind, there are new ways to play your favorite games at Green Valley Ranch. 

We’ve installed a new electronic games arena which allows you to play solo or with friends, but within a safe distance. We also have live dealers, so you can have a similar experience as you would at a table. 

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