An International Beer Day Q&A at Barley’s Brewing Company

When it comes to beer, everything is trending local. And if you’re a local in Henderson you may know Barley’s Brewing Company, the casino/brewpub next to Galaxy Theaters and across from Wildfire Lanes.

If you don’t know Barley’s, know that it is a hidden gem in the ever-evolving beer scene in Henderson and Las Vegas.

In honor of International Beer Day August 7, we had the pleasure of chatting with Marshall, Head Brewer at Barley’s Brewing Company in Henderson.

He told us all about the brewery, its beers, and why Barley’s is special.

Thanks for chatting with us Marshall. First, does Barley’s brew all its beers in-house?

Yep! You can still get most your favorite domestics here but yes, we brew all of our beers here.

Can you tell us what type of beers Barley’s brews?

We have “pillar” beers that don’t change – that’s the Red Rock German-Style Lager, the Blue Diamond, Boulder Gold Hefeweizen, and the Black Knight.

The Black Knight is a tweaked recipe – some might remember the “Black Mountain” which was one we served for years. When we changed the recipe, we changed the name. If you didn’t pick up on it, “Black Knight” is our little ode to our favorite Vegas hockey team.

But you also have a few specialty beers, right?

Yep we typically have two seasonals that rotate. Right now I’m proud of our Alt Ruby which my take on an “altbier.” It’s flavor profiles are somewhat close to a brown or amber style.

We also have a Summer IPA. If you’re familar with IPAs it has a cloudy character, not quite hazy.

What’s your personal favorite Barley’s Beer?

It really depends on my mood, but I usually go for ambers or a red so I’d say Red Rock.

How did you start brewing?

It really started with homebrewing in high school and learning as I went. I’ve been doing it since then. Professionally, it’s been 4 or 5 years.

Why should someone come to Barley’s Brewing Company?

I’d say two things.

One is the value. There’s nowhere in town where you’re going to get craft beer at the prices we offer, specifically on growlers. It’s $10 for a growler glass and fill, which is 64 oz. If you already have a growler, fills are only $5. That’s a huge value in the market!

Second is the consistency. We have a smaller selection of beers compared to some others in town, but we have some great, consistent beers… and we always keep things fresh with a couple seasonals.

Anything else you’d like to mention?

I’d just say that we always love when our guests enjoy our beers so if you’ve never visited, we’d love to have you. There is also great bar food available like wood-fired pizza and wings so you can grab a bite with your drinks.

The next time you stop by, say hello!

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