How Do I Drink In Vegas? A Station Casinos Q&A

In these times, Station Casinos has adjusted to our ever-changing landscape in Las Vegas in order to keep our guests safe and abide by state and local governmental direction. We’re doing everything we can to keep up with these changes and updates in order to provide our guests with a safe, fun experience.

Over the weekend we held an open Q&A on the @stationcasinos Instagram where our followers could ask us any questions about drinks in our casinos.

We saw questions like:

How can I still get a drink? Do I need to get food? Are all bars closed?

We received plenty of great questions and we hope the process was helpful. In fact, we thought it might be helpful to list a few of the questions we received here.

Thank you to everyone who submitted. Here are our answers and a few additional pieces of information that might be helpful to you.


Palace Station Pool Drinks

Where can I still buy a drink at your casinos?

Our restaurants are still serving drinks! There are plenty of restaurant locations that are still open where you can buy a drink.

You can also get served while gaming. This is still Vegas, after all! And remember, gaming includes things like playing bingo or making bets in our sportsbooks.

Lastly, our pools are the perfect spot for a cocktail.


Do I have to buy food to get a drink?

While gaming and doing gaming activities (bingo, sports betting), you do not need to buy food to drink.

Otherwise, food purchases are required in order to have drinks. 


Can I still get served drinks while I gamble?

Easy answer: YES.


Are my drinks still comped when I gamble?

YES! Our team will serve you when you play. Fun fact: the average time to receive a drink is less than six minutes. 


Can I play bartop games and drink?

Sadly, our bar top gaming is closed at this time. BUT your favorite bartop games can also be found as standalone games throughout the casino. You’ll find all your favorites like keno, video poker, blackjack, and plenty more.


Are there any bars still open? 

We have lounge seating in Lucky Bar, Drop Bar and various other bars (Onyx, SIP, Lobby Bar) for cocktail and food service but a few rules apply:

  1. Guests cannot approach the bar to order a drink
  2. Food must be ordered
  3. Groups cannot exceed six people
  4. No table-hopping.  


Can you drink in the bar area of Hank’s? Is there live music?

Similar to the question above, you can drink in the lounge area of Hank’s while ordering food. And yes, the live music still adds the perfect atmosphere to your night! 


How do we order drinks at the casino if we’re not playing?

Your best bet is to visit the lounge seating in one of our bar areas, stop into a restaurant, or have a seat or check out one of our sportsbook lounge areas for a drink. 


What happened to your bartenders?

While some are still working the service wells, we will, until further notice, continue to offer regular pay and health benefits to all of our affected hourly and salaried full-time team members. 


Our addition: here’s what else you need to know, along with a few reminders.

  • Guests cannot approach the bar and get a drink. You can only get a drink ordered at a table.
  • Masks must be worn to tables then they can be removed.
  • Tables cannot be used for drinking only; food must be ordered and served.
  • No tablehopping and no standing and drinking.
  • No groups larger than six.
  • We are strict with our social distancing and capacity limitation enforcement.

That’s it! We know things are changing quickly so if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us via social media @stationcasinos.

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