A Running List of ‘At Home Sessions’ Featuring Local Vegas Musicians

While we’re all asked to stay home, the show goes on. Local Las Vegas artists are keeping the music alive with ‘At Home Sessions,’ stripped-down videos of performances from their homes.

It all started with frequent Station Casinos performer Franky Perez sending Station Casinos a video performing one of his favorite songs. Things quickly blossomed into a growing list of local performers sending in original songs and covers in order to spread some joy and happiness through music.

Station Casinos posts each performance around 4 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the foreseeable future.

You can view the performances on their Facebook or Twitter or go straight to their YouTube.

And if you’ve missed out on At Home Sessions so far, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of the performances below. Let us (or the artists) know what you think!

Franky Perez At Home Sessions

Franky Perez has most recently performed at Red Rock Casino at Rocks Lounge. Here is his performing a beautiful cover of “Blackbird.”

You can follow Franky Perez on Instagram.

Michael Johnson At Home Sessions

Headlining the acoustic sessions at Beaumont’s Southern Kitchen at Texas Station — here’s a “little diddy” from Michael Johnson to light up our day.

Brian Pollack At Home Sessions

Most recently performed at Sunset Station, lead vocalist of Blue String Theory, Brian Pollack brings us together with a cover of “Stand by Me.”

You can follow Brian Pollack and Blue String Theory on Twitter and Instagram.

Rick Duarte At Home Sessions

Rick Duarte most recently performed at The Broiler at Boulder Station. Here he is with an enchanting cover of “The Sounds of Silence.”

You can follow Rick Duarte on Twitter.

Ray Alliare At Home Sessions

Next up! Red Rock artist,  Ray Alliare from Windjammers and Phoenix  Here he is playing a fine tune he wrote himself, “No Circus Left in Town.”

You can follow Ray Alliare on Facebook.

Updog At Home Sessions

From Boulder Station to at-home sessions, the gentlemen of Updog brings us a fun rendition of “Folsom Prison Blues.”

You can follow Updog on Twitter.

The Windjammers At Home Sessions

This crew of yacht-rock artists bring soothing sounds to Red Rock and other casinos in Vegas.

Ryan Whyte Maloney At Home Sessions

Local Vegas performer Ryan Whyte Maloney sent us this video from his amazing studio.

You can follow Ryan on Twitter here.

Rustyn Vaughn Lee At Home Sessions

We’re loving the country vibes Rustyn Vaughn Lee brought in this video.

You can follow Rustyn Vaughn Lee on Instagram here.

Ashley Redd At Home Sessions

Local rockers Ashley Redd can be seen on Fremont Street… and at home!

John Menniti At Home Sessions

Don’t worry about a thing! John Menniti gives us a relaxing message in these uncertain times.

Dan Fester At Home Sessions

The multitalented, multi-instrumental Dan Fester shows off his skills on the guitar, piano, and vocals!

Cali Tucker At Home Sessions

The soothing vocals of Cali Tucker are a sound to behold. She’s the perfect soundtrack to your night out at our steakhouses but, for now, she sends us this from home.



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