The 10 Most-Selected Items at The Top-Rated Palace Station Buffet

Buffets are a Vegas institution. Almost every casino in town offers one. If you ask foodies and Vegas locals alike, they’ll tell you that some are definitely better than others.

One of the buffets that has consistently received praise since its remodel is Palace Station’s Feast Buffet. With a focus on individual dishes and quality ingredients, the experience may seem different than the buffets of the past with piles of sloppy food that need to be spooned onto your plate. No, the buffet is no longer an adult-lunch room, according to Palace Station.

Lucky for us, we have access to the team over at Palace Station’s buffet, and we were curious: what are some of the most popular items at your buffet? What are some of the items that people grab much more than the others?

Some answers were somewhat predictable (um, donut ice cream sandwiches and boba tea seemed like pretty obvious winners) and some were surprises (apparently people really like meatloaf).

Here’s the rundown.

The Top 10 Items at Palace Station Feast Buffet

#10 Oven Roasted Turkey

Number ten on the list, this one is not just for Thankgiving. Palace Station has whole turkeys carved to order, so the turkey isn’t just sitting around getting dry. Tip: slap some between two slices of bread for a fresh turkey sandwich.


#9 Fried Chicken

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? Palace Station’s fried chicken has the perfect amount of crunch. Let’s face it: this could be a meal by itself.

#8 Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches

If you start your meal with desert we won’t judge, especially if you grab these donut ice cream sandwiches. The only tough part is which variety to choose from.

#7 Mini Meatloaf

Number 7 on the list is an unconventional take on meatloaf. These are perfectly-sized so you don’t have to share with anyone.



#6 Lemon Caper Cod

Guests love this version of lemon caper cod. This is one of the healthier choices on the list, but it still tastes decadent.


#5 Mongolian Beef

Part of “The Wok” section of the buffet, this Mongolian Beef is irresistible. Though honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of this cuisine style at the Palace Station Buffet.


#4 Boba Teas

BOBA! It’s almost too cute to drink. Almost. Palace Station offers a few varieties of this irresistible drink.

#3 Country Fried Corn

What’s better than corn on the cob? Easy: fried corn on the cob. Yum.


#2 Smoked Beef Brisket

As far as prep time goes, this is probably the most time-intensive offering on the top 10 list. This beef brisket is perfectly smokey and will transport you right to a backyard barbeque.

#1 Sesame Cauliflower

The number one most popular item at Palace Station’s buffet is this omg-worthy sesame cauliflower.

How many of these items do you want to try? For us, it’s a firm 10-10.

If you’re as hungry as we are, check out the Palace Station Buffet hours and pricing, and enjoy.

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