Where There’s Smoke, There’s Flavor. Beaumont’s Southern Style Kitchen Now Open at Texas Station

“Slow and low. Lots of patience. Lots of love. That’s what barbecue is all about,” said Beaumont’s Southern Kitchen Executive Chef Amy Bearden. With the opening of the new southern style kitchen at Texas Station in North Vegas, we had the chance to sit down with Chef Bearden and learn about the menu inspiration, style development and all the dinner must-haves.

Disclaimer: If you’re hungry, we suggest you make a plate of food before reading on.

Beaumont’s Menu Inspiration

Guests are treated to meals that hold a special place with each Beaumont’s chef, who brought their own touch to the menu with signature recipes.

“This is what makes our menu so unique,” says Chef Bearden. “Each of us has something on the menu that is special to us, whether it is a family recipe, our own recipe, or a recipe we all developed together; our sauces are recipes that the chefs came up with.”

Chef Bearden whipped out her great-grandmother’s collard greens recipe to add Collards to the Beaumont’s menu, which is a mixture of pork belly and greens.

There is something for everyone on Beaumont’s menu, which was a goal the chefs wanted to reach when developing it.

Beaumont’s Style Development

Beaumont’s is not your typical barbecue-style restaurant. This southern style food was created from typical foods with a barbecue twist. From the atmosphere and the music, to the drinks and food, Beaumont’s encapsulates that southern comfort fashion.

“Beaumont’s has a style that many people haven’t seen before,” says Chef Bearden. “We have a lot of character. We serve our drinks in giant Mason jars and our food on sheet pans. It’s a way to set us apart and be memorable to our guests.”

Not to mention the portion sizes are so big that you’ll definitely be leaving with leftovers.

Beaumont’s Must-Haves

When asked about her favorite meal, Chef Bearden had a difficult time choosing just one. She broke it down by drinks, appetizers, main course and desserts.

The Hot Damn Margarita: Sauza Silver, cucumber syrup, house-made cilantro syrup and topped with a lime

Bacon & Eggs: fried egg white with a creamy ranch filling, served with fried and house pickled onions, topped with a sweet jalapeño-candied bacon strip and drizzled with a delicious house sauce
The Doobie: a quesadilla rolled fat & happy, stuffed with your choice of brisket, pork or chicken, and cheddar cheese, queso and flamin’ Hot Cheetos

The Bacon & Eggs is a concept that Chef Bearded discovered at 2 a.m. one morning. She says, “I jumped out of bed and called everyone saying, ‘We can fry deviled eggs!’ Everyone told me to go back to sleep but I was just so excited.” This is a must-have that Chef highly recommends.

Main Course:
Everything, of course! But to pick one, Chef Bearden says you can’t go wrong with the ribs platter. You can order a half or full rack and you can order from thirteen different sides, including mac n’ cheese, coleslaw, and mashed potatoes. The combinations are endless. To top it all off, you get a slice of cornbread with delicious cinnamon butter and your choice of signature Beaumont’s sauces.

“We start smoking our meats as early as 1 am,” says Chef Bearden. “Everything is fresh. Our meats are pulled out of the smoker that day. Nothing is frozen or brought in.”

Chef Bearden couldn’t pick just one dessert. They are all unique, mouthwatering, and massive in size. You can choose from chocolaty eclairs, key lime pies, smooth chocolate cake and even a decadent peach cobbler, which is served in a steaming hot skillet, with creamy vanilla ice cream and a sweet caramel sauce.

Guests have been leaving Beaumont’s happy and full, with most already planning their next visit before they even walk out the door. A lot of thought, planning and originality went into the development of Beaumont’s and Chef Bearden hopes that each guest leaves knowing they got value for the price and the best experience possible.

“We just want our guests to be happy, and if that happens, then we’ve already won.”

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