Scott Conant’s Masso Osteria Debuts New Sunday Bottomless Brunch at Red Rock Casino

Calling all brunch goers; it’s time to feast! Masso Osteria at Red Rock is introducing a new Sunday brunch. Get ready for bottomless drinks and great company in Summerlin.

Beginning October 14th, brunch at Masso is open for hungry guests every Sunday from 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. The menu offers a variety of drinks, specialty pancakes and french toast, and even a breakfast burger.

Q&A: Scott Conant’s Masso Osteria Brunch Menu Inspiration

We sat down with Chef Conant himself to get the inside scoop on his menu inspiration, favorite dishes, and mouthwatering must-haves.

Do you have any particular inspiration for the style of the Masso brunch menu?

Brunch is something I feel is very specific to the United States, so I wasn’t trying to pull inspiration from Italy or other regions. The idea was to bring together a series of dishes that would all work by themselves, and to create a spectrum of tastes that would get people excited.

There’s a familiarity to these dishes, but we add little twists to make them even more appealing.

Do you have a personal favorite on the Masso Osteria brunch menu?

It would probably be the 100-layer lasagna; it’s just this tower of deliciousness, or the Porchetta.

When we conceived this menu, we wanted more than just an indulgent brunch. There are a lot of healthy choices. The live stations have a huge array of antipasti and vegetables. You can make a meal just of that, kale salads, avocado, all the healthy options that you would expect.

What is one item you think might be under the radar that people should try?

We have a Bloody Mary bar, bottomless Bloody Mary’s with all of the accompaniments. Also, the Masso burger with two patties and a fried egg on top – I would get that one and split it because it’s so decadent.

I love soft serve ice cream, and we have a soft serve machine – I’m tempted to just put my head right under there, I love it.

In what ways does Las Vegas do brunch better than other cities?

It’s definitely the energy that Las Vegas brings. This city is always up for a party in a different way than, say, New York or New Orleans. It’s always upbeat, always fun, and specifically at Masso, there’s an unwinding factor.

You can have the same experience as the Strip, but in a local setting.

Chef Conant told us he hopes guests can enjoy this brunch without the feeling of being rushed out the door. He wants guests to eat at a leisure pace and appreciate the casual vibe of the environment and feel comfort from every bite. It’s the recipe for a perfect afternoon, and we are sold.

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