Station and Fiesta Casinos Buffets Unveil New Pan-Asian Station Offerings

It’s no secret: the award-winning buffets at Station Casinos and Fiesta Casinos are staples of locals and travelers alike when they are in Las Vegas. That much is clear from the long lines that can form in the casino during peak hours. (pro tip: plan ahead if you’re coming during prime time!).

Why are these Vegas buffets so popular? For one, the value is unbeatable. Second, the meals are reliably delicious. But most importantly, they are always rolling out new offerings. That’s why we’re here today; Station Casinos has just unveiled a totally revamped, authentic Asian station, and it’s amazing.

We sat down with Director Culinary Operations Chef David Kellaway and Corporate Food & Beverage Director John Bray to get the inside details, tips, and secrets on this new roll-out.


In your opinion, what should guests reach for first when they visit the new Asian station?

Try ANY of the Pan-Asian Wok prepared dishes. They are all cooked minutes before they land on your plate and with the freshest ingredients. Can’t beat that!

So far, what one dish are guests enjoying the most?

Guest really love the Kung Pao Wow Low Mein Noodles. We’ve had to make a lot of it!

What is one “secret” trick or offering that guests might not know is available?

If you have a special dietary need or want a dish prepared a certain way, just ask one of our chefs! They are always happy to accommodate.

Also, we have a Mongolian Station in three of our buffets: Green Valley Ranch, Fiesta Rancho and Fiesta Henderson. There are multiple meats, vegetables, noodles, and sauces to custom make your dish to your liking as you watch your chef prepare the dish right in front of you.

How do you recommend guests get the most out of their buffet experience?

If you are a first timer, try a little bit of everything first. The selection and variety is so vast. And save room for dessert!

Who’s the chef behind the recipes?

Our lead Asian Chef Andy Vu has been with us for 25 years, and he was instrumental in developing the Pan-Asian station recipes. You can say hello to him at 8 Noodle Bar at Red Rock!

Why revamp the Asian station?

It’s a station that every single one of our buffets has. We chose to start there as we knew it would have the most positive impact for the most guests.

Anything else we should know about?

We never rest and are never satisfied at our buffets! The team continually wants to improve the guest experience and we’re very excited about these new offerings. We feel we have the best buffets in Las Vegas at a great price point – you just can’t beat the variety and value.

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