Where Can I Play Gamblit TriStation? Play Skill-based Games and Win Money in Vegas

Gaming just got a little more exciting! Gamblit is bringing new games to Station Casinos and you can try them out now! Don’t miss your chance to compete against your friends or other players for cash at the casino. Now you can play video games and win money!

So,What is it?

Gamblit games give a whole new meaning to casino gaming. With Gamblit, you can bet real money and compete against friends and strangers alike while playing actual video games! Play a game once and we promise you’ll get the hang of it instantly! Trash talk at your own risk.

How do I play the games?

With TriStation you have the chance to choose from 5 interactive games. The rules of the game depend on which one you’re playing.

Catapult King

In the game Catapult King, you can launch a shot, topple the knights, and WIN! Unleash tornadoes, meteor storms, and mystic vortexes causing massive destruction and mayhem!

Into the Dead

Will you survive? Shoot zombies. Win cash. It’s every gamer’s dream come true! Do what is necessary to stay alive, keep moving as fast as you can, and protect yourself at all costs with Into the Dead!

gamblit gaming casino video games play for money

Lucky Words

With Lucky Words, you have 30 seconds to use your mad wordsmith skills and unlock up to 5 payouts. How lucky are your words?
gamblit gaming casino video games play for money


Smoothie Blast

Now the most popular mobile game genre in the world is now ready for the casino! Match 3 or more fruits, make smoothies, and win big! Smarter, faster and more skillful play opens up even higher payouts. gamblit gaming casino video games play for money

How much does it cost?

Each round is only $2, so anyone can jump in and play! Each game designates a reward to be given out at the end of the game and – you guessed it – it’s cold, hard cash! Then it’s up to you if you want to buy the next round of drinks.

Where can I try it out?

Red Rock Casino: The Gamblit TriStation is now available and can be found on the casino floor between Yard House, the Poker room, and the Sportsbook.

Green Valley Ranch: recently added to GVR, you can play Gamblit’s TriStation in front of Borracha Mexican Cantina.

Texas Station: play the new Gamblit TriStation located next to the South Padre entrance!

Have you played yet? Be sure to take plenty of photos and videos  and share them with us on social media! Simply tag the casino you’re at – we’ll see it!

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