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How-To Tips and Tricks to Play Blackjack in Las Vegas

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Various Card Scenarios: When The Dealer Shows a Six

There are plenty of scenarios that you encounter playing blackjack. If we went through them all, we’d be here all day! So here are a few tips and helpful pieces of advice when you have various hands and the dealer is showing a six as his/her’s face card.

Pair of 8’s (16) – We recommend the player to split their hand. The player now has two hands to play instead of one. They would signal to “Hit” each hand to collect another card.

9 & 2 (11) – For this hand, we recommend the player Double Down for the chance to win more money.

21 (10 & Ace)  When the player receives a 21, we recommend not to double down on the hand.

Pair of 5’s (10) – Although the player receives a pair of 5’s, we recommend NOT splitting them and keeping it together as 10. The player would need to motion “Hit” for another card.

Pair of 10’s (20) – When the player receives two 10’s, we recommend not splitting a winning hand. It’s a good hand against any hand that the dealer may have up.

Blackjack Hand Signals: What You Need To Know

When the player is holding a fourteen (14) compared to the dealer’s 10, he/she needs to make the decision to whether hit or stay. To Stay, the player motions stay or says “Stay” to the dealer. To receive another card, the player points to the card or says “Hit” and the dealer will give you a card.


Variation: Game of Shoe Blackjack

In Shoe game, the cards are delivered face up and the player does not need to touch his/her’s cards. The player would only need to communicate with the dealer what he/she would like to do with the hand. If the player is good with their card, they wave off. If the player wants to split, they motion the dealer to split.


We hope these simple tips helps you better understand the game of Blackjack. We welcome you to visit and try your luck and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask our dealers.

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