Brunch to Broadway Co-Founder Bob Torti on Show’s Success, Santa Fe Station Expansion & More

There are a lot of locals in Las Vegas who want to be entertained, but don’t always want to deal with the hassle, and prices, of the Strip. Brunch To Broadway fills that gap with a Broadway caliper show that will leave audiences wanting more. Brunch To Broadway’s Bob Torti saw this entertainment demand and ran with it. Now the show he co-created with DeLee Lively-Torti is not only continuing; it’s expanding.

We spoke with Bob Torti on how Brunch to Broadway came to fruition, the success of the show, and why even those who aren’t die-hard Broadway fans can come out and enjoy it!

Bob, can you tell us a little bit about your background?

Coming from LA, I started acting at a young age. Many might know me as the Pharaoh in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, both film and live productions. Also as “Jesus” in the musical production of Godspell.

I was honored with a Tony Award nomination for playing Greaseball in Starlight Express. A lot of kids know me as the dad from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Plenty of other roles. Recently, we wrapped another season of The Filthy Rich Guide, a show I host on CNBC. It’s going very well!

How did Brunch to Broadway come to fruition?

Robert Torti as host of The Filthy Rich Guide on CNBC.

Well, I was invited to Club Madrid on Valentine’s Day, two years ago on the dot [as of this interview]. I spoke with [former Sunset Station General Manager and current Red Rock GM] Bryan Lindsey, and he asked me what I thought would work in this room.

I told him I wanted to bring matinee back. It just fits here! Especially when a lot of locals in Vegas go eat at these amazing brunches – we saw a perfect opportunity there. Why not entertain them too?

When Bryan moved to Red Rock, we spoke again, and Brunch to Broadway began at Red Rock.

And it’s clearly going well, since Brunch to Broadway is now expanding to Santa Fe Station.

We’ve seen great turnouts. And even better – we’ve got twenty five or so people that have seen every show. They come back and they bring new people every time.

Those returning guests seem like great testament to the show.

It goes back to the performers. I’ve put everyone together – musicians, singers. It’s a great group of artists I’ve gotten to know from other shows, and they are all great people. Even when they have other performances on the strip to worry about, they show up early, and they stay late. We have a meet and greet after the show and the guests love it.

Funny thing is, I actually didn’t audition any of them! I’m old school. If I trust you, it’s a handshake. That’s how close I am to this cast.

With so much entertainment already in Vegas, why would someone come to Brunch to Broadway?

Other than the fact that the show is great, the timing works! There is no competition at the hour. You’re not worrying about missing other shows. Come by, enjoy a nice brunch, and enjoy some daytime entertainment!

So Broadway fans are clearly hooked. But why would a non-Broadway fan come to Brunch to Broadway?

If you’re a fan of musicals in general, you’re going to love Brunch to Broadway. We’ll probably sing one or two of your favorite songs! Spanish Harlem, Yackety-Yak, Charlie Brown, Jailhouse Rock. These are songs people grew up with. It’s a lot of fun for everyone.

Brunch to Broadway continues at Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, and begins at Santa Fe Station details and tickets at


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