Our Spa Experts’ Secrets To A Healthy 2018

If staying healthy for 2018 is on your New Year’s Resolutions List, we’re here to help! Our Spa Experts from The Spa at Red Rock Casino and The Spa at Green Valley Ranch shared their secrets to a healthy 2018.

Breathe and Center Yourself

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, the most important thing to do is breathe and center yourself.

  • Take a “Breather.” If you take a few minutes to focus in on your breathing you can maximize your centeredness and abate stress and anxiety. Inhale slowly, count to four, and without tension hold onto that breath for a count of four and then slowly exhale to a count of four again.
  • Water with Lemon First Thing in the Morning rehydrates and primes the below and other internal organs. This awakens the immune system and balances the pH of the body. This helps to keep you healthy as a disease cannot live in an alkaline environment.
  • The Power of Touch. When you are really overwhelmed and stressed out, it helps to place your hand over your heart or over your solar plexus and be calm. This power of touch helps reconnect you to yourself and remind you of the importance of stillness.
  • The Great Eliminator Acupressure Point. Between the web of the thumb and the forefinger in the belly of the muscle that lies between the two, you will find this acupressure point. This Accupoint can relieve pain, especially headaches. It also aids in bowel movements, eliminates congestion in the head and is a great pain eliminator. This has also been known to reduce fever and heal colds, cases of the flu, muscle spasms and toothache. Using pressure from the opposite hand, massage the point and then working with your own breath, apply slight pressure for a few minutes at a time. You should spend some time on both hands for maximum benefits.
  • Meditation.  Slow, deep breathing 20 minutes a day will decrease stress hormones.

  • Hydrate. You must hydrate your skin on a daily basis. The best time to apply your moisturizer is right after you’ve washed your face. If you tend to have oily skin, use cold water. If your skin is more dry, use warm water.
  • Sleep Position. Allergies? Puffy eyes? Sleeping on your back will prevent fluid retention in the thin skin under your eyes causing puffiness. In a quick pinch? Placing the backside of cold spoons against the eyes for 15 minutes will temporarily reduce puffiness.
  • Detoxify the holiday merriment by getting a seaweed wrap! Treatments are available at The Spas and we recommend adding 30 more minutes to get the best deep tissue massage to further purge the toxins.
  • Aromatherapy will also help pull out toxins in the body as well.

May your 2018 be filled with adventures, travel and a healthy lifestyle. Visit our spas at Red Rock Casino and Green Valley Ranch and treat yourself!

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