Apex Social Club and Camden Cocktail Lounge Announced at Palms Casino Resort

The changes continue at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. Two unique and exciting concepts, Apex Social Club and Camden Cocktail Lounge, are scheduled to open in mid-May 2018. The venues are a continuation of Palms’ $485 million revitalization plan.

The concepts are presented by Clique Hospitality. Clique is led by founder Andy Masi, along with nightlife partners Ryan Labbe and Jason “JRoc” Craig.

“As we redevelop Palms from top to bottom, including our most iconic spaces, it only makes sense to partner with nightlife leaders Clique Hospitality to help bring this vision to life,” said Jon Gray, General Manager of Palms Casino Resort.


APEX Social Club: #TheViewHasChanged.

APEX Social Club, located in the space formerly known as Ghostbar, has long held the unofficial title as the best view in Las Vegas. The club will capitalize on the unrivaled 180-degree view while reinterpreting the 8,000-square-foot space. Think of it as an open-air boutique nightclub.

The space formerly known as Ghostbar, where APEX will be located.

Sounds from national and local DJ’s will greet guests when they arrive on the 55th floor. APEX will contain a number of unique artworks, creating a sophisticated, upscale vibe. Guests will be able to experience specialty-crafted cocktails, age-old favorites or indulge in tableside bottle service. This is all while taking in a premier view of the Las Vegas Strip. You know what they say; a good view never goes out of style.

“Palms has always been the home of legendary venues, and if the walls could talk, you would hear some amazing stories,” said Craig. “We’re going to add a few chapters to those stories.”


Camden Cocktail Lounge: This is the sign you’ve been looking for.

Fifty-four floors below is Camden Cocktail Lounge. This thriving social club will have its home amid a completely renovated Palms casino floor.

The dynamic cocktail lounge, located just inside the main entrance to the property, will focus on mind-blowing cocktails. Additionally, presentation will in a distinctive over-the-top manner and with flair unlike anything seen before. Most noteworthy, masters of mixology will put a whimsical spin on beloved classics or create new favorites for guest’s right before their eyes.

“A lot of people miss the heyday of Vegas when it was about the room and the energy and not just the talent,” added Labbe. “We’re bringing those days back.”

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