STN Sports In Play Betting Now Available: Q&A with the Expert

In a recent update, the STN Sports app will now offer In Play betting, a game-changing step for Vegas mobile bettors who want the best betting app possible at the palm of their hands.

We recently sat down with Jason McCormick, Director of Race and Sports for Station Casinos, to give us a 101 of in play betting and why it’s a big deal. Don’t take his word for it, though. Download STN Sports here and see for yourself!


Short and sweet: what’s in play betting?

Most people think about sports betting a certain way: you visit the sports book or your mobile device and place a bet before the game starts. Then you cheer for the team to win that bet.

In game betting is a new level of engagement. There are no breaks and the action will continually update, with minute-by-minute opportunities to jump in!


So when would that apply?

Think about watching hockey and seeing a team get a power play opportunity. You can now jump into that moment and bet on the next team to score.

Or you’re watching a football game and you see a team moving down the field; you can now play along to see if the defense will hold them for a field goal or if the offense keeps up that momentum! Those are just a couple examples.

theu canesfans GIF by Miami Hurricanes


STN Sports previously offered “in game” betting. What’s the difference between “in game” betting and the new “in play” betting option?

Several years ago we began offering some in game betting offerings. These were limited and offered during breaks in games: for example, during halftime or timeouts. With in play betting, we offer action continuously throughout gameplay. There are no breaks.


So this leads a lot more bet offerings, right?

Yes, the excitement really exists in the expanded wagering menu between in game and in play betting. With in game betting, we would have only 5-6 offerings throughout college football on Saturday. Now with in play, there will be closer to 15 games full of betting offerings throughout the games.

Can you give us a few examples of big changes sports fans will now have at their fingertips?

Take a soccer game as an example. There are no real breaks in a soccer game other than halftime. With in play betting, soccer fans can now jump in at any time as the game is being played, betting on things like shots on goal or corner kicks taken. There has been a lot of success over in Europe with soccer as fans are engaging throughout the entire soccer game; we think guests will love this new opportunity to engage.

Also, tennis. For those early-morning matches, players would scramble to get in their bets on the previous night. Now if fans are waking up late for a 6 a.m. match, they can jump right in as the match is happening and bet who will win the next game, or who will serve the next ace.


What excites you the most about in play betting?

The local teams! Imagine going to a UNLV Rebels basketball game or a Vegas Golden Knights hockey game. As you’re watching it live and feeling out the momentum of the game, you can open up STN Sports and place a bet on what you’re seeing! That’s exciting.


So do you think this truly sets STN Sports apart from other betting experiences?

We feel STN Sports is best in class in the industry. Considering these new changes, our menu is now as big or bigger than most competitors. Players will now have more options than even before to be completely emerged into their betting experience.

Of course, we also just launched the new Play+ card, which gives users more options than ever to deposit and withdraw their funds. Guests will also continue to receive Boarding Pass points for their wagers. To be able to use your sports betting comps at places like TBones and Hanks is great.

And you get the Station Casinos treatment, where we treat our guests and team members alike as family. We pride ourselves on customer service and as we continue to push the envelope in this space, we believe our guests will continue to be happy.

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