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We love keeping you in-the-know. Whether we’re bringing you the latest gaming promotions or free tickets to a show under the stars, we would hate to leave our guests uninformed. If you are subscribed to our emails or social media pages, but you’re still not hearing from us, there may be a few reasons why. Here are a few quick tips to ensure you don’t miss any of the action:


Want Deals via Email? Add Us to Your Safe Sender List 

If you are not getting our emails, they may be getting sent to your spam folder by accident. By adding us to your safe sender list you can insure that your offers are not getting lost. Adding us is easy, here is a step-by-step guide to updating your Yahoo or Gmail:


  1. Open your email
  2. Click the drop arrow in the right hand corner
  3. Click “Add Sender to Contact List” in the email header
  4. A confirmation message will appear above your email


  1. Open your email
  2. Select “Add to Address Book” Link 
  3. Enter our email address and click “Save Contact”


Missing the Big Picture?

If you are unable to see our photo attachments, it is most likely because we are not on your list of trusted senders. When you add us to your Safe Sender List you are stating that we are a trusted sender sending you harmless images and attachments. If you are facing one of these issues you are only a few clicks away with staying up to date with Station Casinos.

Want Deals via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Turn on Facebook Notifications

Like, Comment and Share our Posts

The more you engage with our social posts, the more the networks will deliver them to you. Facebook and Instagram like to deliver relevant posts to you, so they “weigh” them based on how much you like them (literally). Besides, how easy is it to tap Like?

Still have questions on how to stay connected? Tweet us @StationCasinos or message us on our Station Casinos Facebook page.

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