Concierge Confessions: 4 Tips That Will Make a Vegas Vacation Unforgettable

Hi readers! I’m Joe Yalda, and I’m the butler over at Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa. Summer travel season is upon us, and I’d like to share some insider tips on how to make your next trip very unforgettable by using your concierge.

You’ve probably used a concierge by making a dinner reservation or getting recommendations for a nearby attraction. But most of our travelers, especially some of my guests, don’t take full advantage of what a concierge can actually offer you to make your stay even better. Here’s a few tips I’d like to share with you from my experiences.


1. Shoot for the Stars – Just Ask!

Have you ever had that one restaurant you can’t get into or an attraction that’s sold out? That one thing that you’ve tried everything to get into? Chances are your concierge will be able to help you. They’ve built deep relationships among other concierge and they all work together within one network to make your stay great.


2. Get the Inside “Local” Scoop

Ask your concierge what they like to do in their own personal time! In cities like Las Vegas, there’s a lot of hidden gems that you might not hear about or see online. Your concierge will help you discover those gems to really get a feel of the local culture in town.


3. Plan – Contact Your Concierge Before You Arrive

Developing a relationship ahead of time by giving your concierge an idea of what you want to do, what you’ve already planned, or what you’ve seen other people do on their trip will allow your trip to be even that much more memorable.


4. Tips will help!

Concierge pull a lot of serious strings to get you what you need so be very grateful to them – offering a tip goes a really long way! It’s as simple as that.


In short, don’t be afraid to use your concierge. Ask them any questions that you might have or any thought that comes to your mind. They are there to enhance your travels and make your stay that much more unforgettable.


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