Palace Station Hits 100,000!

With 40 years of rich history behind them, Palace Station recently hit 100,000 followers on Facebook! This hotel and casino has been serving up smiles and great service since its opening in 1976. Palace Station was the first hotel designed with locals in mind and that continues to be the goal of every Station Casino location.  Since opening its doors, Palace Station has seen it all.

Palace Station Hotel and Casino is as unique as the city of Las Vegas itself.  This casino has not only been a go-to place for locals for the past four decades, but also home to some of the most memorable events in Vegas history. To help Palace celebrate 100,000 we decided to recap some of the greatest and not-so-greatest events in Palace Station history. Whether you are a frequent visitor or simply a local with an interest in Vegas history, here are some things you may not know about the first Station Casino.


1. The Start of it All

Did you know that Palace Station was the Station Casino that started it all? When Palace first opened its doors it had exactly 100 slot machines and just 7 table games.  Today Station Casinos has 20 locations and over 12,000 dedicated employees.

2. The Name Changes

Palace Station has undergone several name changes since its opening in 1976 –three to be exact. Originally named “The Casino”, the property was renamed “Bingo Palace” just one year later.

3. The Winning Name

On November of 1983 a contest was held to rename the casino.  The name “Palace Station” was chosen from 26,000 entries. It is no surprise that the locals were eager to enter the contest since the lucky winner received an all-expenses paid vacation to Hawaii. The lucky winner; a woman by the name of Claire Jarvis and her winning name made Las Vegas history.

4. The Loyal Team Member

According to News 3, Palace Station employee, Marcella Popp-Gibson, recently celebrated 39 years with the property. She stated that Palace Station has always been home to her and she hopes that younger generations can see what an amazing company this is. Dedicated team members like Marcella have helped make Palace Station a favored spot by locals for over 40 years.

5. The Massive Storm

In 1980, a storm so large hit that Palace Station was left paying the price according to the Las Vegas Review Journal. Mike Manning, who has also been with Station Casinos for 39 years, recalls that the storm flooded the entire casino floor in nearly 2 feet of water! For two weeks, Palace set up a temporary casino on the second floor. Manning explained that during the clean up no employee lost a day’s pay. Way to go Palace!

6. The Great Expansion

There are new projects in place for Palace Station! We are not just talking about new carpeting. The casino plans to undergo a huge expansion over the next couple of years. This project will be well worth the wait, and you will not want to miss it! In fact, it will be extremely hard to miss, since Palace will undergo an architectural change to its exterior, with design as luxurious as its sister location, Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa.  This expansion will bring in a number of changes that will give Palace the revamp it deserves. While we cannot give away every secret, we are a thrilled to share a few of the planned projects:

7. The Bingo Room

Living up to its original name, Palace Station will be adding a new bingo hall to the outside of the casino floor. The hotel and casino plans to adapt new state-of-the-art equipment including HD flat screens. The new bingo room will be similar to the new bingo room at Santa Fe Station. The redesigned room will incorporate luxury touches and a full-service bar with upgraded drinks.You can expect lively themes that take a new twist on the game of bingo.

8. The Revamped Dining Experience

So what happens to the old buffet? Well, it’s not going anywhere but up. The Feast Buffet is looking to renovate from the ground up. The traditional buffet we all know and love will continue to serve delicious food but with a refreshing new look. The Feast Buffet plans to bring in all-new food stations and an appearance that will make you feel like you are dining on the strip.

9. The New Tower

If you thought a new bingo room and revamped buffet was exciting, wait until you hear this: The final phase of Palace Station’s massive renovation is a brand new hotel tower. A brand new 606-room tower that will stand proudly on the Las Vegas Skyline. The new tower will have a similar sleek, fresh design that will look as tasteful and luxurious as Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa.This also means that the railroad train theme will be down the rails, making way for this brand new addition to the first Station property.

Congratulations to Palace on 100,000 followers on Facebook!  We are excited for the future of Palace Station and are thrilled for the next 40 years to come. We can assure you, Palace Station will continue to serve smiles and remain the casino worked by locals for locals. This incredible milestone would not be possible without the support of dedicated visitors and frequent locals. Here’s to 100,000 more good times at Palace Station.


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