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Hey gang, it’s almost football season and you know what that means… Football Contest! We have a brand new game for everyone this year, Gridiron Glory. Come get your share of the glory today.

Join for Free!

That’s right, the Station Casinos Gridiron Glory Football Contest is completely free. All you need is your Boarding Pass card to sign up. Head down to your favorite Station Casino, Fiesta Casino, or El Cortez and use the kiosk to register.

How to Sign Up for the Gridiron Glory Football Contest

Its so simple, just follow these four steps and you’ll be ready for football season.

Step 1: Swipe your Boarding Pass Card

Girdiron Glory Contest Select Screen

Login to your account using your PIN code. Don’t remember your pin? Head on over to the Rewards Center and they’ll get you all straightened out.

Once you’re logged in, select the Gridiron Glory Enrollment tile. Duh!



Step 2: Terms & Conditions

Gridiron Glory Football Contest Terms & Conditions

Read the Gridiron Glory Terms & Conditions. If you agree to the Terms & Conditions, tap “ACCEPT”

If you don’t agree, don’t accept. It’s ok. My odds just increased!



Step 3: Watch the Cool Intro Video & Select Your Team!

Select Gridiron Glory Avatar Seattle


There’s really only one team, so go ahead and select Seattle. Great job!



Step 4: Win!

Gridiron Glory Congratulations ScreenCongratulations you’re all signed up for the Station Casinos Gridiron Glory Football Contest. Don’t forget to reward yourself for a job well done!




How to Play Gridiron Glory Football Contest

Each week, competitors make picks for the entire lineup of NFL games for that week including Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night games. For each correct pick your avatar drives towards the goal on a simulated football field.

First and goal in the Gridiron Glory Football Contest








How to Win

There’s two ways to win each week:

  1. Gain enough yards for a touchdown and win instant prizes such as free play, food comps, and Boarding Pass Points
  2. Win the Week – Select the most winners that week and win your share of $15,000. First place wins $10,000 cash guaranteed. Second – Tenth share the remaining $500. There is a tie breaker “Game of the Week” where each player predicts the combined score. In the event of a Tiebreaker tie, the first to make the pick wins (First in, first winner!)

Season Stats




You can easily see your weekly standings, and more importantly your season standings. You may also check your standings on our website at any time.

Make the Postseason

Rack up enough wins to make the postseason and you can make the cut for postseason play. Just score 4 or more touchdowns during the regular season for a chance to advance to the playoffs. There are four rounds of postseason play:

  • Wild Card
  • Divisional
  • Conference Championships
  • The “Big Game”

Just the in football, the playoffs are harder. Players selected to participate in the playoffs will need to select more than just the game winner. There will be an Over/Under bet and other prop bets for each game. Each winning wager moves your helmet down the field.

After the first 3 weeks of playoffs, the top 200 season contestants share in $50,000

The Final Game

It all comes down to this. Everyone who qualified for the postseason is eligible to play in “The Big Game.” There will be a number of bets including winner, over/under, and prop bets. Move your marker down the field ahead of the competition.

The top 100 post-season winners share in $25,000 cash prize pool.

$25,000 First Prize

Join today and get ready for the 2015 NFL season.

We’ll be picking them each week on the blog, so come talk some trash, and let’s have fun!

10 comments on Gridion Glory | New Free Football Contest | Station Casinos

  1. Frances Greeley says:

    I don’t have a blog, I don’t want a blog. Not to mention, whoever enter the teams for the Kiosk
    doesn’t have the Chiefs. They have Kansas. Kansas is a college team called the Jayhawks
    that play in Lawrence, Kansas. They professional football team called the Chiefs, play
    at the Truman Complex in Kansas City, MISSOURI. So I hope my pick is not for a college team.
    How that for “Let’s have fun?” Can’t you fix it? I know many people that support the Chiefs
    and are a little upset. Not just me.

    1. Benjamin Barber says:

      You have a valid point. I have forwarded your feedback to our Kiosk team and when I have a response I will let you know.


  2. wayne s cordes says:

    sounds like a great time. I like the prize pool and playoff aspect thanks for running this contest!

    1. Benjamin Barber says:

      Hi Wayne,

      Thanks for the great feedback. We’re using everyone’s input to improve the game in the future, so keep it coming!

  3. Prentiss Cervantes says:

    This seems like its going to be fun!

    1. Benjamin Barber says:

      Hello Prentiss,

      Thank you for the great feedback. Keep it coming so we can improve the game in the future. Best of luck on your picks!

  4. Ben Pascua says:

    Hi I am trying to find out where I can see my standing on your website?

    Can you direct to the correct link or landing page?



    1. Benjamin Barber says:
      And click on LOGIN at the top. Enjoy and good luck@

  5. Jim Scoppe says:

    Was on mystations website, but could not find Gridiron Glory link to see standings. How do I access this info? Thanks

    1. Benjamin Barber says:

      Hi Jim,


      And click on LOGIN at the top.

      Enjoy and good luck@

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