Texas Station 20th Anniversary

It’s been a great year here for us at Station Casinos, and to make it even better this month is the celebration of Texas Station joining the family twenty years ago! Texas Station is one of the most unique properties in Las Vegas, coming straight from the heart of the Fertitta family, who are originally from Galveston Texas. If you take one step into Texas Station you can feel the love of their home state throughout. Texas Station is located in the heart of North Las Vegas and is a staple in the community. To celebrate this big birthday we wanted to share some info about this awesome property and where it all began.


The Texas Station Hotel, originally built in 1995, with its opening day July 12th, has changed over the years but never lost its southern charm. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders helped celebrate the opening 20 years ago, making the opening of Texas Station one of the most memorable in the company’s history.

Texas Station remains true to the name, linking the decor and atmosphere with special Texas themed influences added over the past 20 years. Every Station Casinos property has plenty of unique aspects that make it special, and Texas Station is no exception. The exterior resembles a 1890’s government architectural style found in the heart of Texas.

Pioneering Spirit

Many firsts for Station Casinos happened right inside Texas Station, such as the first steakhouse to be a part of the Station Casinos brand. Austin’s Steakhouse continues to maintain its foothold as one of the best steakhouses in Las Vegas., winning numerous awards over the years.

It seems that Texas Station just could never stop growing, since the opening in 1995 there’s been over 5 expansions including bowling lanes, a wedding chapel and a Kid’s Quest. The property originally launched with no food court, no bowling alley, and no convention space it is now home to all three. The iconic interior repolicates the atmosphere of the famous San Antonio River walk. In the middle of the river walk guests will walk over a bridge with a water feature and notice that it is full of treasure.

Making Change Count

Something extra special about Texas Station is about once a quarter, every single penny from that water feature is donated to a local elementary school, C.P. Squires Elementary School. You wouldn’t believe what some people throw in there, including paper currency from all over the world, claim tickets, as well as chips! The donations began in 1996 and continue to this day.

A Texas Rose by Any Other Name

Some of the more unique features that Texas Station opened with included an actual oil rig set in the high limit area. These unique concepts have been changed for the times and constantly updated. There are also little secrets added to the casino that some people may never find, including the Fertitta brand discreetly placed. Let’s not forget the infamous Delilah (a 7.5 foot armadillo disco ball) who has been around from day one, and now hangs proudly in the Revolver Saloon and Dance hall at Santa Fe Station. Texas Station also held the first indoor movie theater in their area of Las Vegas which opened in August of 1995.

Common Threads

To make this celebration even more special, nearly 10% of the original workforce at Texas Station has stayed a part of the Station Casinos’ family since launch, totaling 61 team members for the 20 years of Texas Station. Guests, as well as other team members, will be able to recognize those who have spent 20 years at Texas Station with their special pins. As Texas Station celebrates, they invite their locals and guests who have been their #1 supporters since opening day back in 1995 to join them. Special menu items for this celebration include Texas Sunrise, the 20th anniversary drink, as well as the food specials at Austin’s, the Café, and the Oyster Bar. The special menu has special namesakes of the original restaurants and cafes that held the locations in the past

It’s a Celebration

Celebrating the anniversary there are special commemorative blackjack tables as well as $5 dollar chips being made. Each day in the month of July there are special events, specials and goings on within the property. One of the special games is a “Texas Tornado” machine in which people can catch cash flying midair for 30 seconds; another special event is video poker tournaments happening in July all day Tuesdays with cash prizes at end of day totaling 1000 dollars.

In addition to all these fun games Texas Station will be celebrating 20 Good Deeds. As an example, one of these Good Deeds included the use of a building and construction costs to Southern Nevada’s First charity. Texas Station also donates numerous stuffed animals to the North Las Vegas Police department. The impact that Texas Station has had on its neighbors and community in the past 20 years is priceless.

An important value at Station Casinos is giving back, not just to the community but to those who support their business as guests every single day! Beginning in July there will be weekly giveaways to Boarding Pass members who earn up to 300 points daily. Texas Station is also giving away keepsake items that celebrate this big birthday, as well as a bottles of Cupcake Wine. Also, Kids Quest is offering 20 percent off their regular prices for the entire month of July to show how much they do appreciate the guests and have for the past 20 years!

Join Us

We want to thank all our loyal locals and guests who are truly what makes this anniversary so special. Come down and say “Hi” to your favorite Team Member, hit your favorite restaurant, and join us in celebrating the 20th Anniversary Month at Texas Station.

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