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      Crazy 4 Poker℠ | Game of the Week

      Poker fans get ready for some fast paced action!  Crazy 4 Poker pits the player against the dealer in a 4 card showdown for big payouts.  Much like it’s brethren Three Card Poker℠ and Four Card Poker℠, this title delivers quick hits and big pays.

      Crazy 4 Poker is Available at the Following Station Casinos Locations

      Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa

      Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa

      How to Play Crazy 4 Poker

      To begin a round, simply place equal Ante and Super Bonus bets.  Now the hand begins with both you and the dealer receiving 5 cards.  You ultimately want to create a better four card poker hand than the dealer.  You get the option to bet more if you have a strong hand.  If your four card hand contains a Pair of Aces, or higher, you can place a “Play” bet of 1x, 2x, and up to 3x your Ante.  Or you can Fold.

      If you have a hand lower than a Pair of Aces, you can make a 1x Play bet or Fold.

      If you fold, both your Ante and Super Bonus bets are surrendered and the hand is finished.  If you place a Play bet, then the dealer flips over their cards and its time for the showdown.   If the dealer has less than a King high card, your Ante bet is a push and you get paid 1 to 1 on your Play bet.  Your Super Bonus bet also pushes if you have less than a straight and pays if you have a straight or higher based on the paytable.

      If the dealer’s hand is higher than King high card, then your hand is evaluated against the dealer’s four card poker hand.

      Does your hand beat the dealers?

      If yes, your Play and Ante bets pay 1 to 1.  In this case, the Super Bonus pushes if your hand is lower than a straight.  Your Super Bonus bet wins if you have a straight or higher.

      If you don’t have a better hand than the dealer, you lose your Play and Ante bets.  In this event, your Super Bonus loses if it is lower than a straight.  If you have a straight or better, your Super Bonus bet wins.

      In the event of a tie, you push on your Play and Ante bets.  A tie also means the Super Bonus bet pushes if you have less than a straight and wins if your hand is a straight or higher.

      Crazy 4 Poker Queens Up℠ Sidebet

      In addition to your Ante and Play bets, there is an optional Queens Up sidebet.  In this sidebet, your final four card poker hand is evaluated against the paytable.  If you fold your hand, the Queens Up sidebet pays even.


      Crazy 4 Poker provides fast paced action in a format that many people will find approachable.  It only takes minutes to learn the game so even novice gamers will have an easy time enjoying this title.  With multiple betting options,  the Queens Up sidebet, and the Super Bonus, there is also plenty of action for even the most experienced casino players.

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