Nevada Online Sports Betting FAQ

We’ve gotten a lot of inquiries about online sports wagering in Las Vegas, so we put together this post to clarify some issues.

Is it online sports betting legal in Nevada?

Yes, as long as you sign up at a casino sports book authorized to accept online wagering. All Station Casinos, Red Rock, Green Valley Ranch, Fiesta, Barley’s, Wildfire,  Wild Wild West, or El Cortez locations can process your application.

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Do I have to be a resident of Nevada?

No. You just need to be physically inside the state of Nevada for mobile wagering. For intranet and phone wagering you need to be in Las Vegas.

A representative of the sports book must verify you are 21 years or older. You must also provide other information so that they can verify your identification.

What You’ll Need

  1. Valid State issued ID/Driver’s License or Passport
  2. Boarding Pass Card
  3. $50 – required to open account

If you don’t have a Boarding Pass Card simply proceed to the Boarding Pass Members center and complete the application.Boarding Pass Rewards Center Sign

TIP: Make sure the address you provide is both current and matches your Boarding Pass account and ID/Driver’s license. I had an outdated address on my Boarding Pass and had to return to the Boarding Pass Members Center to update my information.

Get In, Get Out, & Get in the Action!

Provided you have everything you need listed above, the process is pretty straight forward. I went up to the sports book line and asked how to sign up. The sports book agent directed me to a kiosk over on the side of the book, staffed by a guest attendant.

The guest attendant was very helpful in walking me through the entire process (and was kind enough to dutifully look away as I entered in secure information like PINs and my SSN!)

First, you insert your Boarding Pass card and sign-in using your pin. You’ll also need your Sports Betting Kiosk at Red Rockstate ID/driver license. When prompted, insert into the card slot and the kiosk will scan it for your account records.  If you have a passport, your application will need to be processed at the book desk.

Next, you’ll be asked to enter some personal information. The only tricky bit was entering my address. There are two tabs, one for residence and one for mailing address. I didn’t enter anything into the mailing address. As a result the system kicked me back and I had to re-enter my address. Simply touch the mailing address tab and select the option to copy your residence address (or enter a mailing address if you wish). Everything went smoothly after that.

After you’ve entered all your information, a video chat will be initiated with a Guest representative to ensure all your information has been entered correctly. Once this is completed, you’ll be handed off to a second Guest representative (as required by Nevada law), who will once again verify all your details.

The last and final step to activate your account is to make a deposit. The minimum deposit is $50 and you can deposit it directly into the kiosk.

TIP: If you have three $20s and only want to deposit $50, the kiosk can make change.

Go Mobile

It’s definitely worth getting the Sports Connection Mobile app, which allows you to place bets anywhere in Nevada. If you’re not using the mobile app, your options are limited to Las Vegas.

Station Casinos Sports Connection intranet and phone wagers are accepted only within the Las Vegas area. Sports Connection mobile wagers are accepted throughout the State of Nevada.

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