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      Best of Las Vegas 2015 Roundup

      Voters Quick Reference

      Text one of the following codes to 81500 to vote now*:



      Paying Slots VOTE REDROCK PAYME
      Buffet VOTE FEAST
      Rewards Program VOTE REDROCK PLAYERS
      Football Contest VOTE GIVEAWAY

      -AND- click the button below to vote online

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      Best of Las Vegas Overview

      Voting for Best of Las Vegas 2015 concludes on Feb. 28, 2015 at VOTE checkbox11:59 p.m. so vote now! Station Casinos historically performs well in these awards due to a focus on locals, and we hope you’ll join the cause again this year. (Also, we are the best, amiright!?)

      Below, you’ll find a quick overview of how the voting works, as well as a snapshot of how to vote for Station Casinos in various categories, should you wish to help out again this year.

      How to Vote

      The easiest way to vote? Whip out your phone and use the Text to Vote code for the category and property you wish to vote.* The other option requires registration on the Best of Las Vegas website. You can vote once from each mobile device you have, and again from your computer if you wish.
      *Data and message rates may apply.

      Why vote?

      People who are unfamiliar with Las Vegas may use these rankings to help them make better decisions. Whether they are seeking a good place for breakfast, or the casino with the best paying slots, these rankings can be used as guide for the uninitiated. A big portion of the Las Vegas Why? Question Markeconomy revolves around tourism and travel dollars. By providing the most useful suggestions, these guests have a better experience and are more likely to return. This in turn, means more revenue across the board for the region. Everybody wins. Please help ensure that everyone knows your favorite Station Casinos properties and amenities by voting today.

      If you have any suggestions on how we could improve please let us know!

      Best Paying Slots | Red Rock Casino

      Love our slots? Show your support and vote today.

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      You can also text: VOTE REDROCK PAYME to 81500

      Kitty Glitter Slot Machine

      I’m Fabulous! MEOW!

      Want to learn more about slots at Station Casinos? We feature a popular slot each week in our series, Slot of the Week right here on this very blog! You can not only find new titles of interest, but also get great information on how the pay-lines and bonuses work before you play. This way you can skip trying to figure out how the game works when you should be having fun instead.

      Best Player’s Club | Station Casinos

      boarding-pass-rewards-cash-backLast year, Station Casinos won the Best of Las Vegas award for Best Players Club in 2014 for their popular Boarding Pass rewards program. (And the year before that, and… you get the picture!)

      You can text to vote by sending any of the following codes to 81500
      VOTE GVR     

      Sea of Love Promotion

      Sea of Love - Win a Boatload of PrizesRight now players with a Boarding Pass enjoy a rich gaming experience with several promotional programs to win even more rewards. For example, Station Casinos just kicked off their $2 Million Sea of Love Giveaway on February 2nd. This promotion offers players club members the opportunity to win up to $10,000 by participating in this Romance Cruise themed extravaganza.

      My Generation Rewards

      The popular “Senior Wednesdays” program has relaunched as “My Generation” providing a slew of perks for members 50+ every Wednesday.

      • $108,000 Free slot tournaments
      • 10X Slot Points
      • 6X Video Poker Points
      • Free Starbucks Tall Coffee
      • $6.99 Spaghetti & Meatballs at Pasta Cucina @ Sunset Station
      • 15% off Mercadito @ Red Rock
      • $4 Matinees
      • Half point bingo
      • Half point bowling

      Military Mondays

      In support of our troops, Station Casinos launched Military Mondays which offers Boarding Pass members with Military ID special discounts and perks. There are a number of great opportunities to be had, here’s the short list:

      • 2 for 1 Buffet coupons
      • Free Cafe Coffee
      • 2 for 1 Drink coupons
      • Free Bowling
      • 1/2 Point Bingo
      • 20% off Kids Quest supervised child care on Mondays
      • Princess Cruises up to $250 Onboard dollars
      • and more!

      For more details visit the rewards center at your favorite Station Casinos location.

      There are too many great promotions to list, but here’s a link to all of Station Casinos Boarding Pass promotions!

      Best Buffet | Feast Buffet at Station Casinos

      feast-Buffet-foodIf you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve already seen my overview of Feast Buffets. What a great experience. I got to eat a great meal for less than $10, AND I got to meet some great people. From my server Anita, to the Manager on Duty, Sheri, they couldn’t be more helpful or endearing.

      You can vote for Feast Buffet by texting VOTE FEAST to 81500

      Or you can go online and vote for Best Buffet in Las Vegas.

      We ♥ Locals

      And tourists too! We thank you all for making last year such a great success and for supporting us in the Best of Las Vegas voting this year!


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