Mercadito @ Red Rock Taco Eating Contest Feb 1st

If you’ve got the stomach for it, Mercadito is hosting a Taco Challenge on February 1st.  We had a chance to reach out to Louis Ference, manager at Mercadito for more details.

Q. What time does it start, or is a “come in and declare your entry” type of event?
A. You can do the contest anytime.

Q. What kind of tacos are served?
A. All tacos except the lobster tacos and our “Tacos For Strength” which is our monthly special taco.

Q. Has anyone ever completed the challenge?
A. In Chicago the high is 35 and the owner Alfredo has eaten 32 in an hour. High so far in Vegas however is 21 in an hour.

Q. What’s the average number of tacos consumed per entrant?
A. I would say between 16-21 so far is the average, but this is the first time we have officially labeled it a “contest” that had any “stakes” to it.

If you’re a taco eater with an appetite, come on down to Mercadito on Sunday February 1st to test your mettle. Those that complete the challenge receive a $200 Mercadito gift card and gain entry into an “invite only” contest that will award free tacos for life!

The entry fee is $40 per person, and no sharing, no menu modifications.

Will you be the first person in Vegas to complete the Mercadito Challenge?

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