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Everyone loves a buffet when they’re famished, but do you have to sacrifice quality and service for the convenience and value? Station Casinos says NO!

Personal Experience at Feast Buffet

Food selection at Feast BuffetI decided to head on in for lunch and see what the best buffet in Las Vegas has to offer.  Even though lunch rush was in full swing, the line vaporized before I readied myself with wallet and cash. The cashier, Nora, smiled and quickly processed my order. In no time, I found myself trailing my host to a single table.

Usually when I sit down at a buffet, I just go load up my plate first-off, as it usually takes the servers awhile to get around to taking drink orders. Almost immediately my server, Anita, appeared and took my order. I decided to peruse the entire buffet from end to end just to see what was on offer. Of note, in the BBQ section, they displayed several kinds of meat that looked slow roasted and delicious. The smoked hand-cut sausage caught my eye and the chef deftly loaded two portions on my plate. Right next to the BBQ section, I found a number of delicious sides. The succotash looked amazing so I piled on a healthy spoonful. Next, I swung by the “American” section and self-served a healthy portion of rotisserie chicken that looked juicy and fresh.

I glanced over at the Italian section and spied some spinach and pepperoni stromboli, of which two slices made it on my plate. When I sat down, I noticed my drinks were already served, which was fantastic.

What amazed me the most about the experience? Freshness!  Everything tasted like the chef just finished preparing the meal. Many times at buffets, by the time you get to the food, the meats are desiccated from the heat lamp, the vegetables either water-logged or dry. Not at Feast Buffet. The smoked sausage retained its flavor and provide a rich and hearty start to my meal. The chicken was cooked to perfection. Even the corn and beans in the succotash had the correct texture and flavor.

Let me tell you about the stromboli. Honestly I was expecting it to be greasy and heavy on starch. I couldn’t be more wrong! The crust was light and flaky, with plenty of cheese and meat. I don’t know what kind of spices they used, but it reminded me of my favorite pizza place from childhood. Easily the best part of my meal.

On another note: Anita checked up on me before I made much of a dent in my plate. She asked if everything was satisfactory and then went about her business. A lot of the times at buffets, the service isn’t the best. It’s the trade off most establishments make to balance the price. I can honestly say the service at Feast was better than many traditional restaurants I’ve frequented in the past.

Desserts at Feast BuffetI decided that I should have fruit for dessert and loaded up a plate with fresh watermelon and pineapple. Again, the chefs at Feast know what they are doing. They cut the fruit in to large chunks that are easily manipulated with tongs. Other buffets cut the fruit too small, so much of the juiciness escapes and it ends up being a soggy mess that you have to spoon out. Not here. Just big chunks of healthy goodness.

At this point I probably should have left but I decided to just take a look-see at the dessert section. Not that I was going to get anything, right? Wrong, I ended up with the most delicious maple-bar ever made. You can choose from pies, cakes, cookies, ice cream with real sugar cones, gelato, and more, if maple bars aren’t your deal.

I finished my meal and was politely thanked for being a guest as I left my table.

At this point I sought out a manager to ask a few questions. She was kind enough to grant me a few minutes to answer questions.

Q & A with Feast Buffet @ Red Rock Resort and Spa Manager Sheri Orner

Q. How long have you been with Station Casinos?
A. Since May of last year, about 9 months.

Q. What’s the greatest challenge you face at Feast?
A. Making sure our guests can get through the cashier line in a timely fashion. People want to eat, not wait in line. We get very busy at times and always strive to get our guests in and seated very quickly.

Q. What’s the most popular dish?
A. Prime rib hands down. It’s amazing.
Q. When is it available?
A. Saturday nights.

Q. What’s your favorite dish?
A. The potato bar (smiles & laughs). Actually, we have a new dish for Sunday brunch that is my new favorite: Lobster Benedict. It has spinach and chunks of real lobster. Mmmmm.”

Q. What’s the best themed menu at Feast?
A. Thanksgiving, definitely. It’s our most popular, and we have a little of everything.

Q. What do you think makes Feast Buffet better than the rest?
A. The Team Members actually care. They care about the guest experience, and they care about each other. People come here for lunch and walk away with an experience.

Q. Final question: Who’s going to win the Superbowl?
A. It’s not the Cowboys so it doesn’t matter (laughs)! But probably the Seahawks.

Q. Ok one more. A final-final question. When’s the next big holiday menu?
A. Easter is coming up and it’s always delicious here.

I thanked her for her time and reflected on my personal experience and what Sheri had told me. Her belief that she and her co-workers cared and take pride in their jobs might raise an eyebrow from skeptics. But evidence of these values shine through in many ways: The positive attitudes from Hostess to Server to Porter. The speed of service, whether it’s the cashier line or drink service. The freshness, quality and presentation of the food. It’s fundamental to the culture at Feast, and it’s pervasive. And that’s why they are a perennial Best of Las Vegas award winner. Because they care.

Feast Buffet Locations

Red Rock
Palace Station
Boulder Station
Santa Fe Station
Green Valley Ranch
Sunset Station
Texas Station

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