8 Noodle Bar at Red Rock Overview

8 Noodle Bar Lunch Review

The other day I had the opportunity to go to 8 Noodle Bar at Red Rock Resort and Spa for lunch with a few other people from the office.  It was a busy day so we didn’t get there until 1 pm, which was nice because there wasn’t a wait for the tables. Everyone was hungry enough to split a few appetizers so we went with our waiter’s recommendation on the 8 noodle bar GyozaShrimp Toast. We also chose the Gyoza because it not only sounded delicious, but it was also something everyone could agree on!

Everyone at the table is given long handled forks and knives to allow for easy sharing which worked well for the appetizers.

The Gyoza were generously filled with large amounts of ground pork and shrimp..  Overall they were very light and flavorful which was complimented well by the dipping sauce.  The star of the appetizers, and my meal overall was the Shrimp Toast.  Our waiter got this recommendation 100% right!  The egg is cooked over-easy so you get the rush of yolk pouring out onto the plate, and absorbing8 noodle bar shrimp toast into the toast below.

The flavors of this dish are very well balanced. I would definitely recommend this dish and order it again!

While working our way through the appetizers one of the rice bowls jumped out at me for the main meal.

This was a no-brainer for me because I am a sucker for pork belly and pickled ginger, it’s one of my favorite parts of eating sushi.  The only question was how the pork belly and ginger would work together from a flavor perspective.  It’s not something you see often paired directly together in a dish.  The end result is pork belly Pork Belly Rice Bowl at 8 Noodle Barthat is so tender you can eat this whole dish with your chopsticks.  The ginger adds an element of clean & crisp that really cuts through the greasiness of the fat in the pork belly.  It’s an ingredient combination I will be experimenting with at home moving forward, though I expect to have trouble finding the balance that the Pork Belly Rice Bowl obtained.

The only regret I have from my lunch at 8 Noodle Bar was that I didn’t get the Lychee drink, but that will be my excuse to go back in a few weeks for more Shrimp Toast.

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